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Business Area

Metal roof enclosure business

The metal roof enclosure system refers to a roof form that uses sheet metal as the roof material and combines the structural layer and the waterproof layer into one. It is the hat and coat of the building, if you want to reflect the beauty of the building.

New energy business

The company has always been committed to providing customers with comprehensive integrated energy solutions for photovoltaic power stations, including the entire industry chain of photovoltaic industry services such as project consultation, program design, equipment procurement, import and export trade of core equipment for photovoltaic power stations.

Intelligent building business

In the future, the company will continue to deepen its technical advantages, closely focus on market demand, and combine the advantages of roof technology to gradually extend to the intelligent building sector.

  • Metal roof enclosure business
  • New energy business
  • Intelligent building business

About Yabo

Shandong Yabo Technology Co., Ltd.
Company introduction

Shandong Yabo Technology Co., Ltd. is the first A-share listed company in the metal roof enclosure system industry with stock code 002323. The company is headquartered in Zaozhuang, Shandong. It is a global comprehensive construction financial technology service company.

The company puts forward the "four new" concepts of "new industries, new materials, new processes, and new energy", relying on the metal roof enclosure system and the physical operation of distributed photovoltaics, focusing on technological innovation and high-tech research and development, and becoming the core competition of the enterprise force.

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  • New material
  • New Technology
  • New energy

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