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  • Career platform
    As the industry's first A-share listing, the company's business covers the whole country and radiates overseas. Excluding the headquarters, at the same time, more than a dozen domestic and overseas branches and business departments have been established in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou and key regions such as Southeast Asia to provide a broad business platform for every Yabo employee.
  • Growing space
    Every Yabo person will have two parallel or combined career development channels of professionalism and management. We will create a career competitiveness with professional value for you through challenging job opportunities, professional leadership, and systematic management.
  • Win-win cooperation
    Work is an extremely important part and way for people to live and realize the value of life. Every Yabo employee achieves the agreement of personal value and corporate goals through professional and attractive work content, and obtains and realizes the best recognition and return of personal value through unity and cooperation, and a frank and respectful working atmosphere.
  • Rapid improvement
    Gratitude and integrity is the cornerstone of corporate culture advocated by Yabo. We always believe that a loyal and stable high-performance team is an important part of the company's core competitiveness. The company is willing to provide long-term development opportunities and the most competitive incentives and sharing in the industry for employees who recognize the corporate culture and have the ability to grow rapidly.
  • Value manifestation
    Respect for employees is an important part of Yabo's corporate culture. Treating every employee fairly and impartially is the true manifestation of the employee's own value. We believe that sharing the results created by the company with employees is an important condition for the healthy and sustainable development of the company.
  • Spiritual home
    Yabo's enterprise spirit of "diligence, gratitude, innovation, and efficiency" creates a harmonious interpersonal relationship for employees and a colorful work environment that can give full play to their abilities; it is the sense of mission and responsibility of Yabo people to build a century-old brand with high quality and characteristics The embodiment of Yabo is also the goal of the joint efforts of Yabo people!

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