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Yabaite brings a number of new metal roofing systems

Time:2016 / 07 / 11
Source: Yabo Technology Co., Ltd.

    On July 7, the 2016 China Civil Airport Construction and Development Annual Summit hosted by the Airport Construction Professional Committee of the China Civil Airport Association and China Airport Construction Network opened grandly in Chengdu. The theme of this annual event is "the comprehensive integration of aviation infrastructure construction and service area economic development", focusing on national policies and civil aviation development planning, optimizing civil aviation resources and developing regional economy, airport construction investment and financing and airport construction project management, airport aviation Six units of new equipment, new technology, and new technology for station building construction, sustainable green airport and smart airport construction, airport design management and design planning practical experience are launched. Yabaite director and chief engineer Chen Jianhui, deputy general managers Yang Mingjun and Zhang Ting, marketing department general manager Wu Jian, Zhongwei design general manager Guo Yufei, etc. attended the summit and brought a variety of new YaBaxter metal roofing systems Appeared at the concurrent exhibition.

(Abaite representative appeared at the exhibition)

    In the construction of new equipment, new technology, and new process units in the airport terminal, Yabaite director and chief engineer Chen Jianhui made a "About complex roof system in the airport terminal" on behalf of Yabaite. "Application and Analysis of Buildings" speech quoted Yabaite’s profound experience in Baiyun Airport Phase II, Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport, Kunming Changshui Airport and Sunan Shuofang Airport and other airport projects. There were bursts of applause, which won the attention of leaders and business representatives attending the meeting.

(Chen Jianhui, director and chief engineer of Yabaite, gave a speech on the application and analysis of complex roof systems in airport terminals at the summit)

    At the same exhibition, as a gold sponsor, Yabaite showcased many new metal roofing systems, including high polymer waterproof systems and new environmentally friendly energy-saving heat dissipation systems. High polymer waterproof system, even if sharp objects pierce through, it will not leak water, which improves the waterproof function of the building; the new environmental protection and energy saving heat dissipation system, under the same irradiation conditions, the roof or wall surface temperature is 15 degrees different from other systems , The indoor temperature difference is 5 degrees, which is very conducive to energy saving and environmental protection. These new systems have also attracted the attention of committee leaders and owners. They asked the staff about the performance and characteristics of these systems. They showed a strong interest in Yabaite’s airport projects and business areas, and expressed interest in Yabaite’s Affirmed the major contribution made in the construction of the airport.

(New environmental protection and energy saving heat dissipation system)

(Yabaite exhibits attracted many people to stop and visit)

    2016 is the first year of the "13th Five-Year Plan" of civil aviation. Yabaite will continue to actively promote the development and improvement of new equipment, new technology and new technology for the airport business under the national strategic opportunity of "One Belt One Road", and vigorously support smart airports and The construction of a green airport facilitates the development of the "Three National Strategies".

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