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Do not forget the original intention and move forward

Time:2020 / 09 / 30
Source: Yabo Technology Co., Ltd.

Rendering of Huaihai International Expo Center

    Huaihai International Expo Center is an important carrier for the development of the economy in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and an important urban function project for building a business and logistics center in the Huaihai Economic Zone and building a two-way open highland.

On September 3, 2020, Shandong Yabaite Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yabo Group, received the "Work Contact Letter" from Shanghai Construction Engineering No. 5 Construction Group Co., Ltd., confirming that Shandong Yabaite is the first Huaihai International Expo Center. The winning bidder of the metal roofing project of the exhibition hall and exhibition hall E3 in Zone A-1. At present, Shandong Yabaite has won a provisional valuation of 60.85 million yuan (excluding materials supplied by A), accounting for 58.14% of the company's audited operating income in 2019. After the successful implementation of the project, it is expected to have a positive impact on the company's future economic performance.

    Yuan Shengming, general manager of the company, convened a management mobilization meeting for commerce, design, budget and final accounts, project management, procurement and other departments to mobilize and deploy the project. President Yuan pointed out: The project is of great significance to the company, and it is an important opportunity for Yabo to return to the market and return to the front line of project construction. At the same time, clear requirements are made for the project construction: all departments must take the project safety, quality, and efficiency as the goal, fully cooperate and carry out their work in coordination.

    Safety first is the primary prerequisite for engineering construction; at the same time, the creation of civilized construction sites is the integration point for the construction industry to implement national policies and focus on socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization. It is also an important part of carrying out urban environmental remediation and creating a civilized city. Part; the company will ensure the efficiency target, complete the construction of the project with quality and quantity within the construction period; quality is the key, the company will continue to strengthen technical support and the acceptance of each node of the project, carry out supervision and inspection, and ensure that all technical links are implemented.

    In addition, the company implemented a project manager accountability system for the project. On the basis of ensuring safety, quality and efficiency, while ensuring the progress of the construction period and the timely delivery of materials, we must also ensure that we do not overwhelm the goods, do not occupy funds, eliminate manual labor, and waste materials. The benefits of the project and the participating departments of the project The income assessment is linked to change the problem of unclear rewards and punishments. The company will conduct comprehensive assessments, regularly monitor and inspect the project construction site, and strictly enforce discipline to ensure the full implementation of safety, quality, and benefits.

    The company attaches great importance to the development of the "Huaihai International Expo Center" project. At the meeting, Mr. Yuan advocated that the company continue to maintain a arduous entrepreneurial style, carry forward a tenacious and hard-working corporate culture, return to the original aspiration, strive for perfection, and complete the project successfully.

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