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Work together to build a dream for the future-Zaozhuang University

Time:2020 / 09 / 29
Source: Yabo Technology Co., Ltd.

Work together to build a dream future

——Zaozhuang University and Yabo Co., Ltd. cooperate to build Shandong Engineering Laboratory

Group photo of the unveiling ceremony

    On September 25, 2020, Zaozhuang University and Yabo Co., Ltd., in order to jointly cultivate new kinetic energy for local economic development, serve the transformation and upgrading of local industries, and give full play to the advantages of both schools and enterprises, a grand ceremony was held in the meeting room of Yabo Co., Ltd. to jointly build Shandong Province Engineering Laboratory" The signing and unveiling ceremony of the "Smart Logistics Technology and Transportation System Engineering Laboratory". Liang Dong, Deputy District Mayor of Shizhong District and Secretary of the Party Committee of Shuiguo Town, Chen Yan, Director of the District Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, Li Jing, Director of the District Science and Technology Bureau, Professor Li Dong, President of Zaozhuang College, Tang Jiyong, Chairman and General Manager of Yabo Co., Ltd. Leaders and guests from related departments attended this event.

    Zaozhuang College is a provincial public full-time general undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. The school's integration of production and education, and collaborative education work are at the forefront of colleges and universities in the country.

Li Dong, President of Zaozhuang University

    Li Dong, president of Zaozhuang University, introduced the scientific research talents and professional advantages of Zaozhuang University. In the future, it will pay more attention to the cultivation of applied talents. At present, the development of some disciplines and scientific research work of Zaozhuang University is very prominent. The overall planning is based on the "Double High Plan", and the basic goals and transformational development will be achieved through school-enterprise cooperation.

    Li Dong, president of Zaozhuang University, pointed out in his speech that the cooperation with Yabo shares is of special significance. The current platform construction of the school has made great progress, and the construction of the teaching team and talent team has also achieved extraordinary results. It should be more active. Promote school-enterprise cooperation, overcome technical problems, and conduct in-depth and extensive cooperation with enterprises for the application and transformation of scientific research results.

    Shandong Yabo Technology Co., Ltd. is the first A-share listed company in the metal roofing industry. The company is positioned in the field of high-end public buildings. It provides metal roof enclosure systems, intelligent metal roof systems, intelligent building informatization, smart cities, etc. And a comprehensive system integration service provider dedicated to industry technology product innovation and research and development, standard formulation and improvement.

Tang Jiyong, Chairman and General Manager of Yabo Co., Ltd.

    Tang Jiyong, chairman and general manager of Yabo shares, said in his speech that Yabo shares were built in Zaozhuang and has a special feeling for hometown, and will continue to forge ahead on the road of technology research and development and application industry development.

    Zaozhuang College and Yabo shares will deeply implement the new development concept, vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and build a service area, professional construction, and scientific research based on the principle of "mutual benefit and win-win, serving enterprises, unified management, and school-enterprise joint construction". , A comprehensive operating platform for talent sharing and equipment resource sharing, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, project implementation and the development of related disciplines, improve the R&D capabilities and independent innovation capabilities of both parties, and promote the high-quality development of both parties.

    On behalf of the two parties, Li Liqing, vice president of Zaozhuang University, and Miao Zhen, assistant to chairman of Yabo Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement. President Li Dong and chairman Tang Jiyong jointly unveiled the "Shandong Province Smart Logistics Technology and Transportation System Engineering Laboratory" jointly built.

Both parties witnessed the signing

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